The Perforated 2 Strap is overall sporty option to any watch. The Two-Tone colors bring the perfect match together. The top leather is genuine leather with a middle layer showing a different color. The layers show the depth and give the strap a very well crafted look. The bottom is also genuine leather and extremely breathable. Overall comfort has not been overlooked as the strap is flexible and ready to wear comfortably. Attached is a thick black buckle that puts the finishing touch to complete the sporty look.

Perforated 2 Strap - Cool Blue & Orange (18mm/20mm/22mm)

    • Colors : Cool Blue & Orange
    • Width: 18mm/20mm/22mm
    • Length: 8 Inches (both pieces combined)
    • Thickness: around 2.75mm
    • Buckle: Thick Black Square Edge Buckle